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Concussion Rehab Part 2

Following on from my concussion blog last week, current research shows that rest is not best for concussion.

It can actually make you worse.

All evidence points towards a safe but early return to exercise. Where in the past a prolonged rest period was advised.

It is important that the exercise prescribed doesnt heighten your symptoms. But like any injury we need to load the injured area to help it recover (in concussion this means the brain).

During the early stages of recovery following a concussive injury, moderate rest is still important.

Yet evidence is showing shorter periods of rest is better, and long periods of rest can cause more harm than good.

When a concussion happens there is a reduction in blood flow to the brain.

These changes were thought to be short lived, but recent reserch shows that these changes may persist for some time after the head injury.

In the early stages of a concussion injury the brain can not cope with exericse that reuqires a high heart rate. This is due to the heart rate already being elevated and post injury blood flow to the brain is not as responsive.

This is when you may see dizziness, headaches and similar symptoms with an increase in physical activty. And explains why graded return to exercise is needed post concussion.

Exercise is what helps return the brain blood flow to normal... not rest!

Evidence even suggests that exercise might even help speed up recovery in the early stages after concussion.

It is important that you are not experiencing any symptoms at rest before you start your graded exposure to exercise. Yet, prolonged rest period is likely to do more harm than good.

Drop me a message or click below to get booked in if you have recently experienced a conccussion injury and need guidance on your recovery.

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