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Bryony Lynes, Founder & Sports Rehabilitator BSc (Hons)  


Since childhood, I have always had a very active lifestyle, and was especially passionate about horse riding from a young age. This passion enabled me to compete nationally in British Eventing and has taken me all over the world to many unforgettable events, such as the Beijing and London Olympics - as part of the Jamaican Eventing team. What I didn’t anticipate was for my riding career to lead me to an entirely new passion, and ultimately my chosen career.


At the age of nine I was in a horse riding accident, causing serious brain injury and as a result I was in an induced coma for a prolonged period of time. After regaining consciousness, we discovered I had lost the ability to speak and was paralysed down the right hand side of my body. I am blessed to have an extraordinary family who helped me through an enormous amount of treatment. Most especially, a lot of intense physio therapy ultimately ensuring I made a somewhat miraculous, full recovery. There is no doubt, that the ‘magic’ my nine year old self witnessed at the hands and expertise of my various therapists and doctors had a profound effect on me, and led me to where I am today. For me personally, the power of Physio was life changing. In fact it gave me my life back and now I take immense joy in being able to utilise that power and help change and improve my clients' lives. 


I have worked across a variety of sports, including, England Rugby, Australian Cricket, Local Rugby, Oxford United FC, Weightlifters and many more. Because of my personal experience, I have a much deeper appreciation for the body and it’s ability to recover but also the intricacies of it. As a result, since earning my qualifications as a Sports Rehabilitator, I am always continuing my learning about the body and new sciences and treatments available. This practise means I am always adding to my skill set to ensure I can offer my clients the best possible treatment. I can also educate them on how to live a healthy life preventing further injury. I take such pride in seeing my clients improve and thrive with our treatment plans - helping people is the best reward I could ever ask for.

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